Quiet Room

Following last years successful introduction, we will again be providing a quiet room at our November event. This can be used by those attending workshops, as well as the children of any adults present, LaDIYfest organisers and workshop facilitators.

People who may want to use the quiet room:

  • People who feel upset or triggered by the content of the sessions and need somewhere to go to think, relax or get some private space
  • People with anxiety disorders
  • People with exhaustion/tiredness, especially those with ME, Lupus, etc
  • People who find the environment noisy/painful (e.g. those with hearing issues)
  • People who feel uncomfortable eating in front of others
  • People with chronic pain who need a place to physically rest
  • People who may need/want to administer medication in private, e.g. insulin for diabetics
  • People with sensory disorders who might find the atmosphere of the event overwhelming
  • People who may want to breast-feed privately
  • People who find social spaces and crowds difficult or intense
  • People on the autistic spectrum who sometimes need space and privacy
  • People who want time to reflect and/or pray or meditate

A quiet space is not a ‘chill out room’ for people to go and socialise. It’s there to be used as an access space where people can go to sleep, be silent, or attend to access needs.

We feel strongly about trying to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible and has the support and space they need at LaDIYfest events. Our list of suggestions for its use isn’t exhaustive so please make use of the quiet room if you feel it would benefit you.

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