Minutes 01/10/14


sleepover friends – poster on hold but will launch the form now without.
***gabby, as you put the form together, would you like to write an accompanying blog post and find a random image on google we could put on the blog and then link to on facebook? if you are familiar with wordpress and want to format it yrself, thats great, otherwise, feel free to email the text and image and link to the form and one of us will publish??
audre lorde event – charlotte will email joan to arrange getting copy of film for azeezat, and check about ticket for her.
***we need to generally promote this, which just needs doing by anyone logging into the ladiy twitter or fb accounts and posting links to the fb event or showroom film page or our blog post, and also mentioning meeting in the bar from 6pm, and being in the bar with azeezat after the film for more discussion/hangouts
off the shelf event – rosie said she would take on cordinating this, as per to do list. cara will email her and go over anything as needed.
street eaters gig – georgia said she would take on coordinating this, as per to do list. cara will email her and go over anything as needed.
november event – rosie will enquire at work about play assistants for the creche. hopefully good throb will let us know this week, could do with thinking about other bands to ask from band doc. workshop proformas awaited, 8 confirmed so far so probably need to consider asking a few others from nov doc.. discuss on emails or next mtg?
***one thing it would be great to make a start on is contacting bands who have played for us this year if theyd like to contribute a track to our mix cd. there is a list on the nov google doc and bands could be messaged by logging into our ladiy fb and sending messages to band fb pages.
general press/promo things – we could try and write an article for now then if we find out print deadlines and someone writes something. cara resurrected the google doc which it would be great if we could all update and add to for future use spreading the word about upcoming events: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qWrDN7FxJ5ouuHybFG5xf8BGTMEAXB2TkGttL9QYHwo/edit?usp=sharing)


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