Minutes 07/07/14

Calendar – Rosie and Cara are going to set something better up to help us get our heads around dates and stuff. Gabby has volunteered to keep the calendar up-to-date with everything we’re doing in future.

Gig on 11th July – We agreed Erini could sell her books at a stall at the gig but we’ll let her know that a LaDIYfest donation would be welcome if she gets a few sales. We haven’t yet confirmed what time the bands are coming, but probably about 6/6.30 (Cara?). Gabby has offered to make vegan band food. We may need to sort out some accommodation still? Looks like six people need to be put up (can anyone help?). Also, we need our banner, badges, etc. I’ll see if I can arrange to get this from Hannah before the gig sometime.

Off the Shelf speakers and gig (maybe 16/23 October) – I got in touch with Kate at the Harley and she was up for the gig. However, at the meeting we had a discussion about the incident where a bouncer assaulted a woman last year and we decided to support the boycott and not use this venue. Rosie will email Kate (Harley person) to explain/discuss our reasons. We tried to think of some alternatives for the two events. Here are some of our suggestions (asterisks on the non-accessible venues): Quakers/Redhouse, Shakespeare’s*, Montgomery Theatre*, Showroom or Workstation/Lughole*, Site Gallery. No decisions were made on this – does anyone have any suggestions for next steps? We need to sort it ASAP I guess 😦

Kate Bush gig on 27th Sept – Cara’s booked the Redhouse. We need to start looking for bands/performers. Charlotte agreed to make rubbish call-out flyer. Thought we’d also have games like Find the Bush, Pin the Bush, What do you know about Bush? Agreed on a name – Sounds of Love. Flyer to come shortly…

Anarchist Bookfair on 11th July – People that are around have agreed to do some slots on our bookfair stall. Charlotte and Gabby 10am-1pm. Rosie 1pm, and Tara and Geo(?) hopefully at some point. We may also do some kind of call-out on facebook? Cara, would you be able to do the money transfer to pay for the stall?

Tramlines – Agreed to join in with/promote chalkwalk on the Sunday afternoon. Charlotte will reply to Hollaback. Also interested in the new bar campaign. We talked about an informal ‘gig buddy’ system for people who want to go to stuff but don’t have anyone to go with. We’ll put out a call-out on facebook for this too. Possibly in the future we may do some kind of ‘safer gig guide’ zine. It would be cool to make this for promoters as well as people attending?

Film Meeting – Charlotte meeting Joan tomorrow morning. Cara, Gabby and Tara may possibly join her (TBC).

Electronic music event – We talked to Alex K about lots of ideas. Think we may put on a Bat Makumba/LaDIYfest collaboration in early October. Maybe 10th/11th? Possibly at Club 60? To discuss further. Also thinking of doing some DJ workshops, could make it an informal regular thing every fortnight at Audacious? May also have it at the November festival? Beginners could have an early slot at the Club 60 event?

Next meeting – 21st July, 6pm, Blue Moon

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