Minutes 18/03/14

hole gig
– poster needed, cara to ask emma thacker
– other people to do covers, promote again but only limited slots
– look at putting together schedule and slots, solo covers at beginning or end or middle?
– geo to ask ben hunter re sound

nov event
– bands – expensive, mega emotion mentioned. cara to share band list on google docs
– workshops – how to date a feminist? group work skills or confidence building? gender and mental health? reproductive justice (erin)? non binary gender? asexuality and feminism? resisting sexism in the workplace (tina mckivet)? disability and fashion? trigger warnings? women and celebrity culture?
discussed the idea of running pre workshop intro sessions/discussion groups.
– still need to think about venue/rooms, fundraising, date, budget – cara to email list.

reading group
– could tag a discussion group onto the end of a ladiy meeting. eimah to suggest texts on fb.

consent workshop
– charlotte/marian/alex wanting to run a workshop to focus on people who have breached consent and to raise awareness in a safe environment. have asked ladiy about funding for venue costs. will discuss at a future meeting, charlotte to submit some costs for consideration.

off the shelf
– discussions ongoing on email list, need to start contacting speakers asap in time to submit a grant application to the festival organisers

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