Minutes 28/10/14

nov 15th gig – accom sorted at geo and sarahs. geo will cook for bands. sunshine will help with sound. charlotte to cook cakes to sell. door rota, geo to do a shout out on fb.

nov 29th bands – charlotte to message good throb and chase remaining proformas. agreed to make some signs about ‘mosh care’ gig etiquette.
nov 29th workshops – charlotte will check with rosie about ashiana proforma. focus e15 awaited or chase 100 days if not.
stalls – steph will have a good night out activity. ask sarah about zines. cara to do a general shout out on fb/twitter.
mix cd – geo has contacted all bands, will continuing chasing with deadline in early nov so we can burn cds and make cases.
ladiy artwork zine – cara will look at compiling artwork from previous gigs into zine.
childcare – geo has a list confirmed, activities still to sort.
helping hands – cara to do a blog post about volunteers inc meeting before main event for orientation.

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