Minutes 26/01/15

– international womens day – ladiy have been invited to host a workshop discussing LGBT issues at an event happening at the town hall on sat 7th march, funded by an equality and fairness grant and supported by the city council. lots of ideas were discussed including looking at issues that are more female/queer focused rather than heteronormative narratives and using the session to open up discussion around a non binary/genderqueer histories. We discussed the pros and cons of joining forces with an event we were unsure of the angle, and contemplated hosting a separate event such as a film or talk in a space we have more control of that is safe, vs being able to reach a new audience and providing different viewpoints in an existing event. The conclusion was to go with a collaborative effort to put the workshop together at the town hall, erin / Rachel / Naomi / Lauren will discuss this further. cara will contact organisers with an update.

– Julie bindel event – discussed possible action around this, whether to picket the event or produce some leaflets to distribute to attendees. Agreed in the end to write an open letter on our blog that can be circulated. Hannah / Naomi / Cara will have a look at drafting a paragraph each and sending to the email list by the end of the week to discuss further and form into a reply.

– Upcoming ladiy gigs – there are two possible gigs coming up if people are interested to get involved in promoting, the first in mid feb that eimear is organising which will be a female/folk night, details are awaited. The second will be a show with hysterical injury and scout esper on 28th march at audacious.

– Misc – other ideas discussed included hosting a female cabaret/variety event at some stage, or a sober event, or a queer vegan night.

– Sheffield feminist network – jess discussed the mixed group that has been set up and is keen to collaborate. They are working on a spoken word / poetry night if anyone is interested in getting involved.

– Feminist fightback – erin gave some details about the northern branch that is being set up, currently between sheff/leeds/manc. There is a meeting on Saturday in Sheffield to look at campaigns re asymlum seekers and benefits, and also the general monthly meeting. Erin will put details on the ladiy fb.

Next meeting will be mid feb, date tbc!

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