Workshops Handout

Mindfulness – ‘All in the mind’ (10.30-11.10am)
An interactive session using mindfulness techniques to invigorate mind, body and spirit. The workshop is led by Survivors of Depression in Transition (SODIT), one of the charities we are supporting at this year’s LaDIYfest.

Making Sense of Consent (10.30-11.10am)
This workshop aims to start a discussion about consent which will hopefully continue afterwards. We’ll be asking some questions and starting to explore the answers. What does consent mean in law? What does it mean to you? What does it mean in your relationships? How would you define consent for yourself? How do you talk about it?

Why Women Travel: Abortion and Ireland (11.15am-12.20pm)
This workshop will share a history of the struggle for abortion rights in Ireland. There will then be the opportunity for people to plan how to take action against the Irish State and show support to women in Ireland. International support is needed.

LGBTQ: Writing For Our Lives (11.15am-12.25pm)
A fun, friendly and accessible writing workshop to tell our stories, document our lives and celebrate our lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer selves. No previous writing experience needed. River Wolton is a founder member of Out Aloud Sheffield’s LGBT choir. She writes poetry and prose and was Derbyshire Poet Laureate 2007-9.

Why Disability Matters to Feminists (12.50-1.50pm)
This workshop will explore why disability is important to feminism and why disability should be included in feminist spaces and agendas, along with race, sexuality and class. Disability is still often seen as a “fringe” issue that pertains only to a small part of the population, however, as we will try to explore in this workshop, this is not at all the case. Participants will be introduced to key ideas about disability and explore how these connect with more familiar concepts in feminism. This interactive workshop is designed for people who may not know a lot about disability, although people who already have some background on this subject may also find it useful.

Hollaback! Anti-street harassment (12.55-1.50pm)
Confidence building workshop! Together we will explore what street harassment is, share our experiences, play some fun and light-hearted games, and imagine up some empowering ways to hollaback which you can then use on the Sheffield streets.

Mapping the Body (2.00-2.50pm)
This workshop introduces the concept of the body into mapping and explores how we negotiate what is important about our bodies by mapping certain things over others. Discussions will not just focus on the individual, but also the collective nature of the mapping process and how our social environment structures the way that we understand and represent our bodies and ourselves.

Women and Working Class Struggle Politics (2.00-2.50pm)
Feminist Fightback and Women’s Fightback activists host a discussion about women’s strikes, socialist feminism and the effect of the cuts on working class women today. How did the London matchwomen’s strike change the British labour movement forever? Who were Sylvia Pankhurst and the ‘other’ suffragettes? How did a group of Asian women factory workers hold the country to ransom for two years in the 70s? Should sex workers be organised or demonised? Is gender enough to bind us to rich women, or are they complicit in our oppression?

Confidence and Assertiveness: Making a Start (3.00-4.00pm)
This workshop is designed to help you consider some basic aspects of confidence and assertiveness, which might help you to deal with challenging situations more effectively. Please note that this session is for self-defining women, genderqueer and non-binary gendered individuals only.

Craftivism (3.00-4.00pm)
A workshop to broaden understandings of activism and celebrate creativity. The session aims to incorporate creativity and craft into our understandings of activism, develop participants’ creative skills, and practise creative activism together.

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