Minutes 02/05/12

minutes from meeting 2nd may

– burlesque fundraiser. ladiyfest was recently approached about being involved with a local event in June that was wanting to raise money for womens charities and in particular what our thoughts were about being involved in this and receiving a donation of the profits towards our own charitable collection. two of the organisers (amy and fran) attended the meeting to discuss some of the issues surrounding this and give us a bit more information which is as follows::

the event planned is a cabaret neo burlesque night being held at bar abbey (in itself, a charitable trust). the event is about empowering women on behalf of women who are less fortunate and includes men as well as women, altho we understand that it will only be the women who are performing the burlesque. the cabaret side of things (jazz duo, singers, magicians, belly dancing, impressions) will be a mix of genders. from the organisers experience, these sorts of crowds tend to be largely female and the emphasis of this type of neo burlesque is on body confidence and theatrical creativity rather than a straightforward strip, women have alter egos and storys about transformations. different body shapes and styles are common and this form of burlesque does have male/trans performers although none will be present at this event. the organisers told us a few local womens organisations had been contacted directly about being involved and receiving donations from the night but while they were initially keen, ran into issues with management boards, hence contacting us.

a range of issues and concerns were discussed and in summary amy and fran agreed to send us some online articles to read covering both sides of the debate, as well as some youtube videos we could watch to get a better idea. we agreed we could put this to the wider group / discussion list and guage responses.

– strip club statement. still in draft, hazel to revisit and discuss briefly by email before publishing.

– ste mccabe show. following the cafe harland show on saturday, we were asked if we would be interested in putting on a pre pride gig with a male queer feminist performer called ste mccabe who will be touring. agreed that this could be great to do in a similar vein to saturday – spoken word and simple live performers. cara to confirm with cafe and ste. others to arrange performers, fb event. charlotte can ask heather p to help promote via pride as this will be the day after. fiona will check pa with avi and ask emma about poster.

– networking event. cara and hannah were invited to a university of sheffield faculty of arts and humanities networking evening. spoke to some very interesting people including university of third age who organise a range of activities for over 50s and would be keen to talk to members about being involved in some way; bank street arts who were keen to discuss a proposal for a feminist art exhibition pre november event; showroom who were still interested in arranging a film screening with us; city council arts who would help support and promote out events; off the shelf who would be happy to help support and promote our events and possibly tie something into their program that finishes as the november event begins, there was also a possibility of applying for a small grant. also want to contact local archives about a project focusing on local activists.

– noise/bookfair gig. agree we are quite busy in june to take on anything further but would like to start arranging a gig later on in the summer, july/aug. charlotte and fiona to look into organising.

-workshops. still trying to arrange venue for language/sexism workshop ?bank street ?victoria halls, charlotte to look into. have almost got confirmed all the details of a workshop with grow sheffield at st marys centre about gardening, planned to be end of may with a bring/share lunch after a short late morning class, hannah to confirm shortly.

– louise distras. is after a gig in sheffield in september and asked us to help, she is a singer songwriter from wakefield we have tried to book before ?cafe hardland ?riverside. charlotte to contact and discuss dates.

– single man. film screening at the university 3rd May at 7pm

– utrecht ladyfest this weekend, big support to lisa (ladiyfest sheff alumni)!!

– discussed asking avi about a PA masterclass to show some of us how the equipment works so we will be less reliant on him coming to set up or stay to sort sound at future shows. fiona to contact.

– had a short debrief about the saturday afterparty event and issues surrounding this. discussed the march feedback on the fb group. still feel some feedback from us would be useful, will compose something to send privately.

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