Minutes 04/07/12

minutes from meeting 4th july

– hair workshop. site gallery keen to let us use the cafe space, waiting to confirm date and time at the end of july. plan is to have a discussion and then to put together a zine. if people cant attend the workshop, they can still send in submissions. would also like to do a brief anonymous questionairre to gather demographics, again either at the workshop or can circulate online. once date/time confirmed we will set up a blog/event with further details and instructions, hopefully very soon.

– bookfair. the ladiyfest discussion at the recent anarchist bookfair went well and some interesting and useful links were made. suggestions from femcells about organising more socials, and contacting community groups to ask what we can do for them have been taken on board and hopefully we will be making some plans shortly! from discussions held, we have also put together a safe spaces policy and will be organising a workshop on workers rights. at the meeting we also discussed holding a craft group focusing on craftivism or guerilla knitting and perhaps a manhunt game.

– reading groups. suggestion to try and move this forward, possibly in conjunction with the social centre book group.

– gig updates. audacious gig in a few weeks time, now has facebook event and poster set up. details on blog. we will be making food to sell. need to confirm costs and profit split. gig in september has two bands confirmed so far, details to follow shortly.

– lincoln skillshare. sadly not going to be able to take part, cara will email to send apologies.

– off the shelf even. to check with HKB for updates, need to get confirmed in next few weeks.

– november weekender. need to arrange a creche and look into legalities of this. can be organised in shifts and ask for volunteers. decided to try and be a bit more conscious about costs we agree for performers, word it to emphasise ‘necessary’ costs and that it is a charity event. will start looking at schedule of slots, have two rooms we can use concurrently, with the small room as a creche and make it known volunteers are available if anyone needs a quieter space to go to. once scheduled time slots and breaks are finalised, we can start approaching people and asking for contributions etc, see list on googledocs. still need to figure out time between tidying up at QMH and moving to penelopes. could list options for places people can go, try and start at penelopes from 6 with six bands. ask for volunteers to help with setting/clearing up.

– hidden perspectives. katie and caitlyn came to answer questions about a sheffield university project that has just received funding. ladiyfest are going to be community partners to help with organising performers and will be reimbursed for this which will help with our november event costs. the project is about reinterpreting biblical narratives. further information will follow shortly on the blog.

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