Minutes 08/02/12

– feedback from session at the end of ladiyfest in november was discussed as previously posted. it was felt it would be good to run a series of workshop sessions in afternoons and evenings over the next few months to look at feminism and particular topics. workshops could also be practical, to make banners or posters or to arrange social action such as subvertising. we could ask people who led workshops in november to come back and people who we werent able to accommodate at that point. topics could include feminism and gender, childcare, feminism and everyday life, race and class, confidence building, feminism and the media, anarcha feminism.. suggestions welcome and anyone that wants to help facilitate please let us know. with reference to the workshops in november it was discussed about being a bit more organised in terms of having breaks and a wider range of styles of session, particularly with some more interactive or physical. childcare was also discussed at some length in order to ensure we make proper provisions for this in future. hazel mentioned a zine and activities such as a kids clothes/toy swap and arrangements including people with CRB checks and parental signed forms to enable this. attracting wider ranges of attendees was discussed, in future trying to utilise advertising in more community areas to specific groups, possibly lack of time and manpower had limited us previously. engaging with men and male led workshops was also discussed. very positive feedback re the hollaback workshop was received, natasha has been in contact to set up a sheffield chapter with tutorials in feb, more info to follow.
– changing / updating the ladiyfest logo was discussed, initially just removing the 2011 so it becomes a bit more current but some felt it might be better to redo from scratch.. feedback at event in november had been that it was a bit confused, possibly ‘lesbian-centric’ or suggested we were ‘youth orientated’. perhaps being an ambiguous image that asks people to question or find out more is good. could maybe be good to have an(other) image that was easier to screen print and reproduce. this led to discussions about changing the name to something a bit broader than being the emphasis on the culminating festival – ladiysheff was suggested, but this strays away from the roots of the ladyfest movement and our attachment to that. changing the name and/or logo could also be quite confusing and could weaken the following we have been building up. the ethos could be updated to explain more about what we do – it needs altering again to update now the november 2011 event is over. to be discussed in lead up to next meeting and decisions finalised at the next meeting.
– schedule of 2012 to be decided upon still and discussed in upcoming meetings. we would love to hear about anything people would like to see.
– semi regular band/dj night discussed, would be great to set something up. ?continue with byob theme. to look at venues and try to see what is available to use.
– social centre. updates about what is happening there, queer art exhibition (details to circulate) hazel and eve to investigate. accessibility of meetings in pubs discussed as an issue, agreed to hold next ladiyfest meeting at the social centre and see how it goes, concern it is a bit less central being in burngreave but equally may enable others to attend. will advertise locally.
– mailing lists. use gmail to bcc out notifications and use rise up for discussions. to clarify who wants to subscribe to which ?start over.
– reclaim the night. manchester march happening on feb 24th, hazel going and to arrange to go as a group if others interested. there was discussion towards the end of last year about organising something similar in sheffield at night to reclaim spaces with an event at the end, possibly tied into a discussion workshop. concerns raised re men/trans issues, to discuss further in future.
– zines. hazel interested in continuing the zine every couple of months, could be tied into workshop evenings. also keen to start up feminist top trumps if people have any ideas of people who could be included.
– feminist group. charlotte keen to set up something more anarchist or involved in activism, a reading or discussion group. more info to follow.

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