Minutes 10/10/12

minutes from meeting 10th october

– tickets. suggested donation amounts agreed, £3 sunday, £5 penelopes and £4 workshops. cara will update wordpress with details, along with details that children under 16 will be admitted free and that anyone is welcome to pay as much or as little as they are able.

– wristbands. agreed to buy some embroidery cotton to use, cara can pick up

– mix cd. charlotte has contacted everyone for tracks. hazel will look at buying cds, perhaps 50. will start saving newspapers to make cases similar to ones we made last year.

– quiz. agreed on rounds and who would take those on, cara to do music, rosie feminist history, charlotte sports, mike films and hazel word round with 5q in each. there will also be a drawing round. can ask around local businesses etc to donate prizes.

– bands. cara will check with town bike if theyre ok to be on last. equipment sorted, charlotte can bring guitar amp. cara has emailed penelopes/bands to arrange details as per proformas.

– foolish men. charlotte struggling to make contact, but will keep trying.

– lashings of ginger beer. concerns over costs for them to travel and perform at weekender, very keen to arrange something with them another time. charlotte will email to explain.

– disablism workshop. ana be pereira has replied to email, very keen to be involved. charlotte will send proforma and confirm details, will need train fare from lancaster.

– north east feminism gathering. event in newcastle, rosie has contact to email flyer jepgs for weekender, cara will sort out asap.

– feminist fightback. now running workshop with rosie on the saturday of weekender.

– creche. hazel and rosie to meet and discuss activities and organisation. cara has craft materials, becky is going to donate some toys.

– zine stalls. jen fox will definitely bring feminist zines distro, still unsure about RAG.

– PA for harland. rosie to check with ceilidh society at uni and confirm next meeting.

– films on sunday. agreed to show x is for anonymous and the two short films mentioned previously. will watch in advance to check for any triggers.

– art displays over weekend. charlotte will ask jade as per last year, hazel can contact emma and hannah will ask studio her if anyone wants to display any of their work.

– workshop timetable. schedule agreed, just waiting on one tbc.

– press/flyers/posters. start sending press release and getting flyers and posters out and about.

– audacious zine fair. will sell food, tickets, cds, zines. cara and charlotte def going, sun 28th oct.

– street eaters gig. still need a sound person.

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