Minutes 15/05/12

minutes from meeting 15th may

– briefly discussed archiving activism project. interested to hear more as it develops and perhaps do something at the november event. likewise with the LGBT writing workshops being run. all added to calendar

– bank street arts. eve to email selina about the last saturday live event. wondered about some sort of experimental music or performance but depends on logistics and politics.

– burlesque event. at the time of the meeting videos had still not generally been watched, but agreed to do so. discussion on list afterwards raised some concerns. still to formulate response, cara to sort.

– workshops. hannah to sort facebook event for the 27th growing event, asking donations and byob lunch. sex and language workshop been put on the backburner for now, maybe october or even november event. all keen to ask bob mckay about doing something. izzy also due to do something over the summer, now possibly about body hair.

– gigs. riverside emailed about louise distras in september. could possibly by a gig at audacious in july.

– fundraising. keen to contact ASHIANA and SCOOP AID about this.

– main weekender in nov. to hold a specific meeting to brainstorm ideas end of june. cara to contact cafe euro about the sunday bit and also look into using new image for badges. started list on google docs!

– pride slot. now have an hour between 12:30 – 1:30 on the healing and workshops stage? keen to make vagina cakes. make a handout about the discussion, with 10-15mins readings at beginning.

– film nites. keen to start doing these again, need to think about venues.

– press. would be good if someone could do a bit of an article to submit to now then and tie into promoting our events starting to happen.

– gender research network. charlotte was talking about an open meeting to be held and ideas if there were things she could take, or if anyone else wanted to attend.

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