Minutes 16/10/12

minutes from meeting 16th october

-FRIDAY. cara has been paid the money from off the shelf which has been transferred to juliet. cara will collect juliet from station and she is staying with her. still need to confirm PA, check with rosie. publicise to any LGBT/trans organisations locally. send reminders about the cd swap.

– SATURDAY DAY. schedule sorted with the addition of hazels consent workshop. charlotte to check over layout ready for program. check blue moon opening hours to see if it is possible to direct people there in between workshops and bands. cara to check with penelopes about selling pizza. still need to sort accom for sally+1. need to set up a doodle poll or discuss on list to ensure at least one ladiyfest person is in each workshop and two on the door.

– SATURDAY EVE. chase people to sign up on doodle poll to fill slots on the door, check last entry time.

– SUNDAY. schedule put together (charlotte wrote down) and will update facebook and wordpress. discussed having an interactive poster campaign over the whole weekend.

– mix cds. awaiting tracks to burn. hazel looking at buying cds to burn. arrange to make cases.

– discussed selling tickets in advance, agreed not to.

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