Minutes 21/09/12

minutes from meeting 21st september

– workshops for weekender. have 8 topics confirmed already and others awaited but no response. rosie huzzard keen to run a workshop about class and feminism which group agreed sounded great. charlotte will contact sally hyman about something on abortion and the situation in ireland. charlotte has also contacted emma round about a workshop on disability issues. cara will chase up YWHP / SODIT. proforma from last year to be updated and circulated asap, try and get them back by oct 1st.

– sunday at harland. need to confirm with steve about vegan food and using side door still, cara will email. agreed to ask on facebook / twitter about performers who might want to be involved. rosie mentioned lady maisery. need to arrange pa / mic. cara will contact sam to confirm about crafting group.

– sabrina chap. book and music tour as per facebook messages. unsure we can accommodate on the friday night, might not be financially viable on sunday, cara will reply to explain probably unable to help.

– saturday bands. mostly confirmed or awaiting responses.

– fundraising. to sell food at martha gig and street eaters gig. could try and arrange film showing ?showroom

– womens health festival. 20th october at sharrow junior school, can try and arrange a stall or to drop some leaflets. depends on whether anyone is available to attend.

– hallam freshers fair. tues 25th at hubs, to try and take leaflets down.

– reclaim the night. first meeting on monday 24th, agreed to read minutes and see direction and ethos of event due to previous concerns about other RTN marches.

– from the back of the room. cara to contact julia downes in newcastle re film, to check format and cost to see if we would be able to screen at some point.

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