Minutes 24/10/12

minutes from meeting 24th ctober

– friday. all sorted apart from PA, chase rosie.

– saturday workshops. agreed to set up doodle poll for signing up to sessions, charlotte will sort and circulate http://www.doodle.com/sx2vhvh7gy39wh5i blue moon open until 8 so can direct there from 4:30 until bands start at 6. charlotte to confirm with sally about accom, either with mike or jess depending on if she wants to attend gig.

– saturday bands. penelopes happy for us to sell pizza/cakes, volunteers to cook? keep pushing doodle poll for signing up to door rota. http://www.doodle.com/397z7i2q6y9dq7ib

– sunday. all sorted apart from PA, chase rosie. need to confirm times with performers. quiz prizes, mabel suggested feminist sex toys, cara can email sh in london. charlotte to ask steel city cakes and honeypie along with rude shipyard for donations. cara can email julia about ?copy of women make noise.

– schedule. cara will update onto wordpress and start putting together program to photocopy. charlotte will sort out handout with workshop bios.

– mix cd. wondered about hosing mp3s on wordpress or using dropbox so people can download tracks to burn onto cds. hazel has bought blank discs. charlotte will look at a tracklist and hopefully confirm at weekend to start burning. will send reminder about collecting newspapers for making cases which will be done at next meeting. cara can print off labels for cases.

– wristbands. cara still needs to pick up cotton.

– promo. agreed to contact LGBT groups and societies. charlotte is putting together pdfs about friday and sunday. hannah will contact ladyfest ten.

– audacious zine fair. cara, hannah and mabel agreed to do some vegan cooking/baking at the weekend to sell food alongside zines and badges. also need to photocopy more flyers for weekend, cara will update.

– finances update. charlotte will confirm anas train fair from lancaster. ?reimburse hazel for cds. have fundraised enough in advance to cover costs bar above, hoping to raise a bit more on sunday for remainder!

– gender research network. charlotte mentioned possible event happening next year with ladiyfest afterparty, possibly mid/end may but to avoid being too near to hidden perspectives event we are already organised with.

next meeting tuesday 30th october, 6pm blue moon

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