Minutes 30/05/12

LaDIYfest meeting 30/05/2012

1. Rutland Arms meeting

Aim: to be constructive!
What we want to know and what we want to say:

  • Start off by saying we appreciate the support from the Rutland in the past with putting on events etc and do want this to be constructive.
  • Questions to ask:
    • Tell us your account of what’s happened. How do you/your staff perceive it?
    • Have you taken advice on discrimination in the workplace?
    • What do you plan to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?
    • Do you feel that attitudes/actions have changed since the case? (Mention Fiona’s incident with ladiyfest flyer)
    • Are you encouraging your staff to unionise? (mention a lot of people supported this on the facebook group)
    • Will you be seeking training? (from unions?)
    • Do you accept responsibility for what has happened?

2. Queer gig

  • Avi dropping off PA at 6.30pm and showing us how to use it – as many people as possible to be there
  • Hazel cooking for Jacquie and ONSIND. Will take food to cafe harland. Charlotte to ask cafe if this is okay.
  • We will set up cafe so there is more room for standing at the front
  • Cara has money pot, bunting and banner

3. Pride cunt discussion

12.30pm – 1.30pm, Alternative section, Endcliffe Park.

Format for discussion

  • Name go around
  • Go around the circle asking everyone to say the word “cunt” out loud
  • Talk in pairs about how it felt to say it and feed back to the group
  • Read things (Vagina monologues monologue, history, etymology, books)
  • Small group discussions using questions below
  • Final go around to see how everyone felt it went/ask if their opinion has changed since the beginning

Questions for small group discussions

  • What do people feel about reclaiming cunt?
  • When have you heard the word used? Was it positive or negative?
  • What do you think of body negative language (when a body part is used negatively as a swear word). Do you think this makes us think badly of our bodies (ashamed etc) or does it not matter?
  • Can you think of any insults which aren’t associated with body parts?
  • When someone calls someone a cunt are they being sexist? Does it depend on their gender (the person being called cunt)?
  • Is someone thinking about a vagina when they say the word cunt?
  • Compare the use of cunt, and how it makes you feel, to the use of: pussy, dick, lame, retard.
  • Why is it one of the strongest swear words? Is it because of its original meaning or just because it sounds so good?!

Next meetings:
Monday 11th June – 6pm, Blue Moon Cafe

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