Minutes 06/09/11

Meeting 6th September

1. proforma amended slightly with section for stalls added and general info. now hopefully ready to resend to all involved in the main event so we can start working out timetable for workshops. can be sent out to bands doing fundraiser gigs as well if that helps fiona/charlotte.

2. workshops google doc updated to include Hollaback street harrassment, Marian Duggan (sexual violence message and men) and Naomi Richards (older women). update from eve about race revolt, still in discussion as they had some concerns about the event not being clearly defined as anti racist. Eve also to contact george about anarcha fem workshop and to chase temporary autonomous art. cara to chase self defence workshop. Fiona and charlotte to look into doing something with the Sheffield Women’s Counselling re leading discussion about peoples experiences. Eve has also been looking into BME groups including Sheffield African Carribean mental health association, muslim womens voices, SADACA, asian womens resource centre, african womens health group, carribean womens choir and muddle eastern belly dancing.

3. croft house – to arrange visit and deposit depending on response from Roger. Has been on holiday so contact very slow! cara to chase.

4. eve has done a flyer/poster to advertise for the zine. to be circulated shortly.

5. freshers fair – eve has been in contact with SU and SHU womens and lgbt socs. womens socs both been in touch and will help promote event. SU cant flyer but will sort their own poster? SHU fine to send flyers.

6. flyering around town – vague areas agreed to cover. Fiona to do hunters bar, nether edge and london rd, charlotte and cara to do town. eve to sort heeley and burngreave.

7. bags have arrived! alex agreed to start looking at a doing the screens. need to arrange getting together to help out printing. details to follow.

8. BYOB. Fiona to collect mixing desk from al and to check we have mics, leads, di boxes with avi. going to have pizza and badges on sale and the decorated SRASACS collection tin. charlotte has tape to bring to secure banner. need to agree time to meet and be there depending on avi and the pa. hoping someone will set it up and show us how to use it!

9. sunday main event – still need to start seriously looking at this asap! not much discussed this evening.

10. had to postpone working on feminist timeline to next week so still time to look at suggestions to include!

11. eve again mentioned sorting out a dj nite to fundraise with delia and liz. might not have mentioned this in last weeks minutes. charlotte also has been in touch with groups regarding men in feminism and had some positive responses to chase up. more details to follow. finances ongoing, cara agreed to sort paying in cash fiona has to bank account. press list is ongoing but needs looking at properly next week and dividing up so people can focus on a few different things. also discussed moving back film fundraiser as has been mentioned on the list this morning. to discuss more with tom.

next meeting is monday 12th september at 6pm at the Bath Hotel