Minutes 23/06/14

– battle of orgreave film – will have a look at content of films, available on youtube. could screen excerpts at an event highlighting the involvement of women and LGBT. although event isnt looking likely to go ahead with the library, we have a contact for the archives to contact and could discuss further an event with them.

– november event – agreed that the first floor and room 4 would be the ideal space to have, and to book sat 29th, cara to confirm with QMH. rosie to check with her relative about using the library / office space. agreed we would try and use the redhouse for the evening, cara will check with jeff.

– street eaters gig – charlotte will contact lughole re availability and confirm date with the band. supports etc tbc.

– sept gig – agreed to move date from 6th to later in the month, cara will email jeff to check availability. agreed to have another themed night but on kate bush. need to think about bands and put a call out for open mic type slots similar to previous event.

– of the shelf – awaiting confirmation re availability of raynor lounge, charlotte checked. will sort once dates confirmed and also check coffee rev and with julia. cara to contact steph/big joanie to see if they would be interested. could also ask joanna gruesome.

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