Minutes 05/08/14

meeting 5th august

–          Sheffield Feminist Network have asked us to speak at a meeting. Not sure if we agree with all of their politics but discussed benefits of spreading our ideas and approaches. Concerns about women-only meetings and past demos against sex work and alleged transphobia. Hope we’d have lots to agree on too and pleased they’re interested in us. How could we talk about differences without being confrontational? Decided we’d try planning something and see how it goes.

ACTION: Charlotte sending info on Ladyfests/DIY feminism to Gabby. Gabby to start writing/gathering stuff for a presentation. Anyone else please feel free to send things to Gabby too!

–          Film  stuff. Showroom stuff continuing, still slow moving – not much progress. Dan and Alice[?] from Film Unit would like to collaborate on special screening at Uni auditorium. LaDIYfest would need to pay the film licensing fee but would keep door costs. £50 possible staff cost also. All agree we’re definitely up for this, thinking maybe in February. Consider miner strike-related films. Still the Enemy Within is one suggestion, also films fosucing on LGBTQ miners’ strike stuff – maybe the film Pride?

ACTION: Dan to look into some film prices for us.

–          Riders. Should/could we start offering riders for bands? Long discussion on this as a goodwill gesture, but concerns of losses, money not going towards fundraising, etc. Want to support musicians though. All agree we will start to offer this – 2-3 can per band member if possible but if gig looks like it might not make much then maybe only one can each.

ACTION: Make sure we do this for future gigs.

–          Crash space. All agree we need a better system for sorting this – preferably with some assistance from people outside of ladiyfest (i.e. not just people that attend meetings).

ACTION: Maybe get a list of potential volunteers and how many spaces they have. Anyone want to do this?

–          August 24th gig/BBQ. Most things sorted. Charlotte asked Jonny if he’ll join BBQ crew, he’s agreed. Gabby also on board. Crash space?

ACTION: Charlotte and Jonny to confirm menu, Gabby to do Tesco order. Need to check how many bands require crash space (Cara to check?). Gabby to put out message on FB to ask if people can help. Kat has space for four band members.


–          Kate Bush gig. Talked about Gender Prince – we will offer them choice of one song, medley or hosting the evening. Discussed karaoke after bands. Still need more bands – not sure what forum Ravioli were contacted on (Cara?). Probably best to email another band now – if Cara wants Wolf Girl then that’s cool.

ACTION: Charlotte to email Gender Prince. Kat to email ladiy about karaoke info. Cara – are you ok to contact Wolf Girl through LaDIY as you’ve already spoken to them?

–          OTS event. All confirmed and up on blog. Need to make other stuff – poster and FB event page. A few ideas were discussed for the poster image. Discussed inviting Sarita Karir, an ‘older’ indian house/techno DJ based in Cleethorpes who wants to get involved in the dance music night. Think she may be a really good addition to panel. Harrisons all confirmed now – also asked about using main room and Toby fine with this. He has CD decks we can use but not vinyl ones.

ACTION: Neil (Gabby’s partner) to make some poster designs and send them to us. Gabby to give Neil info about event from blog. Rosie to invite Sarita Karir to panel after checking out if she seems appropriate. Charlotte to ask speakers to give one/two line summary of their talk so that we can write blurb for FB event. Charlotte to make FB event once info confirmed.

–          15th Nov gig. All bands now confirmed – JAHJF, Street Eaters, Big Joanie and The Repossessed.

–          Dance event. Not enough time to sort for Oct – prob best to push back to beginning of December. Speak to Alex/others about venues and timescales. Kat and other Small Ideas interested in getting involved, yay!

ACTION: Rosie to invite Gabby, Kat and other Small Ideas people to FB convo. Try to organise evening at someone’s house sometime soon to discuss venues and DJs.

–          Didn’t have time to discuss fundraising, weekender and potential collaborations with the Women’s Committee but all of these are important and we will do them FIRST next time! NEED TO START SORTING BANDS FOR WEEKENDER ASAP THOUGH, aaahh.

Next meeting: 18th August!



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