Minutes 16/09/14

finances / fundraising – we discussed further the application to the sheffield town trust fund, rosie suggested we should identify our needs and how this will benefit the local community, what the money is needed for and why. agreed we could focus on things like making events more accessible, increasing promotion etc. cara will continue to draft and circulate again for edits. cara will also phone the town trust for details about dates. we also discussed how we could ensure some funds for beginning next year and agreed we could split profits from november 29th event 50/50 between us and charity, cara will draft a blog post and email to the list for discussion.

audre lorde film – date will be 6:30 on mon 6th october. charloltte will set up fb and blog post once she has confirmed details with azeezat who will facilitate an introduction before the film, and then move to the bar for drinks and discussion afterwards. charlotte will also check with joan in case we can ensure any concessions for tickets.

kate bush night – accom agreed to be split between rosie, alex and geo. charlotte will update fb event with info about acts performing and a disclaimer about limited space if the event is really busy. equipment is all sorted, cara and geo will sort food. we agreed a running order and times and cara will email stephen for compering. re prizes, we will ask for donations / see what we can find ourselves. rosie will sort make up. geo has done quiz – need print outs and answer sheets.

workshops – discussed at some length, which workshops we wanted to arrange for the nov 29th event. alex has agreed to facilitate ‘mental health and gender’. charlotte will contact brighton re limits of sex positivity. cara will contact cn lester re non binary. rosie will ask ashiana re institutionalised silencing of women. rosie and geo will facilitate gender in the workplace. agreed we will also contact miriam re reclaim the night and jenny re how to chair/run workshops, and sash re consent – charlotte will pass some of these to gabby to contact.

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