Minutes 07/11/13

– sabrina chap – we had been contacted to see if there was any space for an afternoon or evening performance / reading, but we agreed that unfortunately the schedule was already full. charlotte will contact to explain.

– political stalls – after a few requests for stalls from political organisations, we agreed that we wanted to have stalls only if there was a gender/lgbtq emphasis and if items were free or very cheap / not for profit. due to the childrens activity area, there would also be less space for stalls this year. charlotte will reply to requests to explain.

– mix cds – cara to order/buy 50 blank cds and bring to the next meeting to split up along with all to bring newspapers to put together cases.

– ladiy workshop – discussed having either different themed ‘events’ that groups could put together or different aspects of a bigger event. will meet up to plan further.

– creche – becky has offered toddler toys if we can collect, cara has markers/crayons and paper ?make salt dough or buy masks to decorate? have a dressing up box? boardgames? rubbings? agreed it would be good to have a few ongoing activities. cara will check if there are any free standing display boards at QMH that could be used to ‘section’ off an area. agreed we will draft a blog post to clearly state what we can provide and what we cant. agreed the creche should be ‘toddlers upwards’. charlotte will set up doodle polls for people to sign up to slots.

– volunteer schedule – charlotte to set up doodle poll for covering workshops and the door.

– lgbtq photos – charlotte to check with marian

– feedback session – agreed this year we would not have a closing session, but instead would have cards for people to write feedback on either anonymously into a box, or could be hung to a washing line – need to source pegs/line.

– press – agreed to send reminders to star / radio, georgia to send messages.

– programs – cara to start looking at putting the program together using last years as a template.

– workshop schedule – confirmed the draft charlotte put together, charlotte will put info into a more easily readable format to use online and make coloured versions to use.

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