Minutes 18/08/14

– reclaim the night march – miriam, womens officer at sheff uni messaged us recently about their planning of a march and what our thoughts were about it being the night before our nov 29th event. discussed that it might be better to have it the weekend before nov 29th, also after our nov 15th gig, sandwiched in the middle to spread out the feminist fun and allow people to get involved / support both without too much happening at once. cara will message miriam to explain.

– good night out – steph from hollaback sheffield came to discuss the roll out of the campaign started by hollaback london which has had huge success and is spreading nationwide, inc to sheffield. the idea is to get bars and venues to sign up to a pledge re harassment, there are posters and training provided for staff. discussed ladiy getting training for our events. agreed we were all very excited and keen to support!

– charities nov 29th – katherine reported back on her findings, agreed that felt WICAT would be a really exciting charity to try and support financially as well as to invite a presence at our nov 29th event. charlotte will email.

– aug 24th gig – equipment is sorted with the bands. accom for four will be with geo. charlotte and jonny are sorting food and agreed it would be easiest for them to sort food shopping. cara will check with jeff about the bbq status and to ensure side door on the drive is open/accessible and we have key for the disabled toilet. cara will also draft up a rota for people to sign up to and share door/bbq/band watching.

– kate bush gig – will have a final call out for acts on fb and also ask cowtown if they would play. charlotte to sort.

– bands nov 29th – agreed we would do some listening to bands after next meeting at caras flat nearby, all welcome.

– workshops nov 29th – new suggestions included hollabacks good night out campaign, reclaim the night marches, trigger warnings and as the IWW workshop seems to have stalled, seeing if they would be interested in doing something at this instead. cara will compile all previous suggestions into a shared google doc.

– films – cara to ask clare in newcastle about screening advice before we reply to emails re kate bornstein.

– finances – agreed as we were never able to pass on £200 allocated to a local organisation (hollaback or SASH) that we would use this money towards our event in november. cara will bump email re budgeting. agreed we would need to be thinking early next year about new/more ways to fundraise.

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