Minutes 04/04/13

Minutes from meeting 4th April

-agreed dates for november weekend, 8/9/10th (depending on what we organise). cara will check dates with QMH and RH and circulate QMH time/prices to discuss booking differently, perhaps from 11/12 – 6/7 ? possibly hire additional room downstairs for quiet room/creche.

-fundraising, agreed to look at early years, charlotte to contact

-make do and mend social, has been confirmed for site gallery cafe on april 20th. fb event set up, will post update encouraging people to use wall to discuss help needed/offered. cara to put a post on blog.

-mae martin, cara to check arrival times and remind harrisons re set up and mic stand. will make food for performers and bring bunting/banner. need to sort jackie accom.

-hidden perspectives, agreed to draft via email list talk for launch event.

-off the shelf, no reply from louise raw. could contact kate smurthwaite or jack halberstam??

-international feminism discussion group, agreed we should specify an area of the world or place eg womens resistance in arab spring and to contact uni societies. charlotte to message.

-sladyfest, have invited us to do a workshop on body hair, cara considering.

-human trafficking, email sent to gmail account about hosting an evening to discuss issues around human trafficking. we wondered about the gendered focus and angle on sex work. agreed we would be interested to find out more, resend email to list / ask on fb.

-poster, charlotte to chase emma for band picture to turn into poster

-IDAHO, 17th may. agreed we would like to organise a discussion group on homophobia or something re steven simpson, gig vs discussion group ?speakers – to discuss on list.

-age discussion, ladiy have been approached about organising a discussion or evening looking at age and representation of women in media, particularly musically. keen to look into, cara will contact her friend who was interested in facilitating.

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