Minutes 30/01/14

– gig on feb 15th – no ditching, doe, che ga zebra and elopes. vegan cake included. details on blog and fb. poster awaited but everything else seems sorted.

– film series – could do something for LGBT month in feb, will ask for ideas on FB. could contact york feminist films. suggestions from meeting included zapitista, ten days that shook the world, women in revolution, angela davis, films directed by women, documentaries, east asian films. it was suggested we could include a handout or commentary to accompany. charlotte will contact harrisons about dates.

– armpits for august – agreed it would be good to revisit something related to body hair, maybe a protest or another zine workshop.

– zines – discussed possible themes for another zine, something about disability maybe related to the gender and disability conference in may, or to do with feminist workshops / sexuality / love. could be a workshop series.

– consent workshops – posters or something linking up to SASH could be really good to try and arrange.

– red tent – will be happening at sheff students union again

– womcom international womens week – details to follow

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