Minutes 07/03/13

– venue – agreed to go with redhouse for the weekender gig, cara will check dates and availability at quaker meeting house to co-ordinate and confirm shortly.

– projects/charities to support – agreed we would send an email to a few organisations we were interested in supporting either financially or practically to see what would fit best. groups mentioned include local women asylum seekers, sheffield early years / sure start, haven house, together womens project, irish abortion support and high peaks womens centre. hazel to sort.

– make do and mend social – site are happy for us to use their cafe on a saturday afternoon and will provide some vegan options. charlotte will check dates around easter.

– discussion group – agreed for next session to look at international feminism and focus on positive / empowering stories. can try to book bath hotel or room at dog and partridge, probably after easter. will set up fb poll to discuss dates.

– comedy events – womcomedy seems to be ok with minimal involvement from us, will continue to promote and check if there is anything needed on the evening. mae martin show sorted, poster done. need to arrange vocal pa – will check with avi, hazel has said she can transport.

– hidden perspectives – poster done, will make into flyers for zine fest. line up coming together, hoping to get website and fb/twitter accounts sorted shortly and start updating with line up details and artists confirmed etc. still after people to get involved!

– intersectionality conference – probably going to be too much going on to arrange an evening ladiy event. will get more details up on the blog soon.

– off the shelf – deadline for applications is may 14th, cara will email su / lesley with our ideas so far and see what they think before sending in application.

– punk singer screening – charlotte has been trying to see about showing a film about kathleen hanna. awaiting details. showroom keen to be involved.

– consent workshops – womens committee has been in touch with ladiy about sexual consent workshops, hazel keen to help set up so other people can run workshops and possibly into schools as well.

– logo – emma has sent us a couple of amazing images were very excited to use this year – to possibly have slightly clearer text, charlotte to check if possible. agreed in the interim to use last years logo for an ethos flyer to have about.

– recruitment – agreed we should make more emphasis about people getting involved with organisation, will make a poster to put on the blog shortly.

– dates – agreed to try and hold meetings on the first thursday of each month and see if having a regular date and announced far ahead makes it easier for people to attend. cara will update blog and calendar with details.

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