Live music will be at the Redhouse from 8pm until very late with live performances from:

Ethical Debating Society
Awesome riot grrrl with boy/girl shouty times. We’ve wanted them to play for ages and now they’re really coming! ‘Uncool. Unconnected. Unconventionally attractive’

Weird Menace
Fuzzy post-punk to make you wave your arms and wiggle your toes. ‘Stomach churning, yet playful’ and all kinds of amazing.

Not Right
Queer feminist raging about current political issues such as ‘TORY SCUM’. They are angry in the right kind of way and we’re very excited to have them. ‘We are hatred, we are joy,we are noise for the sake of noise’.

Witching Waves
Witching Waves have only recently birthed but have already soldered an effective, minimalist framework between female/male vocal interplay, binary drumming and a solo guitar conjuring the ghosts of underground 90s riot-g***l punk.

After the bands, the INVERT DJs will take over for some awesome queer mayhem on the dancefloor.

There is a suggested donation of £4 for the gig (or £8 for day-time and gig), but people attending are welcome to pay as much or as little as they can afford. No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

This is a fundraiser for the National Ugly Mugs (

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