Minutes 18/11/14

ched evans – agreed we all had a lot on and would suggest someone else in the group chairs the first meeting, possibly early next week, charlotte will post. depending on workshop schedule could arrange a discussion or action on nov 29th.

RTN – following our blog post, miriam asked us to clarify their inclusion policy. cara agreed to add note at end of blog post.

FB – agreed to try and migrate to using the group as a more interactive place. all will try and add people / suggest likes and publicise events. charlotte will look into ‘boosting posts’ on FB and check options. cara will update links on blog to new events. also publicise on twitter and target people to RT.

workshops – still nothing from ashiana and cn lester unable to attend. cara to contact julia downes and see if available. charlotte to update and publish blog page with details, cara to circulate to workshop facilitators.

creche – geo to send details of rota.

mix cd – cara to sort tracklist, one song awaited. cds split to burn. cara will print tracklists and labels. cases made at meeting to put together next week.

stalls – cara to put info on blog

things to buy/sort – cara and sarah to pinch biros and post it notes. rosie will bring speakers. charlotte will bring a laptop and projector, and will ask jonny about his projector. one more laptop needed.

bands – cara to email bands to confirm times and details.

accom – still to sort. sarah can have a few, sam has offered and so has hannah so hopefully can match up ok. needs confirming.

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