Minutes 11/06/12

minutes from meeting 11th june

– feedback from recent events. gowing workshop went really well despite overlooking collecting donations. beth is keen to organise something at a later date in the year. agreed it would be great to get involved with the projects being run. cunt discussion at pride also went really well but there were issues with the location being very noisy. another issue raised was about perhaps setting up some ‘ground rules’ for future events clarifying it is a safe environment and intimidation or abuse etc wont be tolerated. will draft something shortly. the queer gig also was a big success in terms of turnout, but had agreed lots of costs for out of town acts so didnt raise much money. will keep this in mind for future events.

– rutland. meeting with andy last week went well and was felt to be constructive, agreed to work together in future including putting together a poster awareness campaign.  the use of training and trade unions was discussed and also possibly putting together a workshop about workers rights. ladiyfest will communicate a brief update to the dear rutland group shortly.

– gig updates. july 13th at audacious and gig in september at the riverside, line ups being finalised and will be announced shortly.

– off the shelf funding. sadly missed deadline for application to get a grant but they will let us know if it is not too late. discussed approaching them about putting on an event as part of their program, hannah to email.

– fundraising. have been approached about raising money for haven house womens refuge, to arrange a visit and discuss details. seven hills womens institute also already fundraising for haven house, wondered about focusing on another project but will discuss further and continue considering options – should contact sheffield arches project about other womens organisations/projects running in sheffield.

– hidden perspectives. cara updated the group on the proposed project from katie edwards who has asked ladiyfest to work with her as community partners on a university event about religion and sexuality. pride have also been approached. event will be reinterpreting biblical narratives, community focused. would get paid for our involvement which would help with our organisation costs. grant to be confirmed in next few weeks so depending on result, will arrange for katie to discuss project in person with us further.

– film nites. new roots room is still being refurbished so will contact the red deer about a sunday late in june or early july to book for a fundraiser. film to be decided, but ‘a taste of honey’ mentioned so far.

– riot grrrl disco/byob. contact shakespeares or riverside about booking a date.

– hair workshop. ongoing through june, will book discussion workshop in early july, possibly at red deer. would still like to try and put a zine together. going to set up a private discussion group as people felt having a public event was perhaps a bit too open, izzy to sort.

– mailing list. after problems with rise up list, cara set up a google group which individuals can choose settings to receive email digests or read web archive. to write a blog post and invite people to join to start trying it all out.

– bookfair workshop. discussion around ‘ladiyfest: one year on’ focusing on what has been achieved so far and what the future holds, particularly what people want to see happening.

– hollaback sheffield. new chapter being set up, website will be going live in september. would love to get a workshop or presence at ladiyfest november event and work together on a launch nite. more details to follow.

– badge order. designs sorted, to send off order shortly.

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