Minutes 12/11/14

– reclaim the night – briefly discussed some of our feelings around the march and agreed to post a short paragraph and links on our blog alongside promoting the march. cara to draft.

– nov 29th workshops – cn lester has had to pull out, offered to suggest some alternatives so cara will email and enquire. cara will chase focus e15 and rosie will chase ashiana for proformas awaited. charlotte will tidy up schedule for cara to email to facilitators ahead of publishing.

– mix cd – ask geo if she can add all the tracks she has on her computer into a dropbox so people can download to burn. cara will order some cds, needs to check postal address she can easily have delivered to.

– stalls – cara to photocopy hair zine, charlotte to photocopy bleed zine.

– accom – sarah offered to take people. rosie will log into accounts and post statuses asking. cara will check sleepover friends.

– diy film – suggest they come to the gig, cara will email.

– joey fourr gig – agreed we wouldnt be able to take this on, so cara will pass back to audacious and let the band know.

– upcoming mtgs – charlote will bring some posters next week to put up. everyone to bring free papers to make cd cases. following meeting, arrange for volunteers to come along, charlotte will set up fb event to invite.

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