Minutes 03/09/13

minutes from meeting 3rd september

– carol robson event – cara to check with harland about carol using ipod for intro. to confirm food/drinks provided with performers. ??need to arrange vocal pa!

– louise raw event – money from OTS has been paid into ladiy account, cara to email louise and see what her costs are and if she needs money up front. charlotte has asked emma to do poster

– hysterical injury – hannah to ask pud about a poster. agreed we would ask mo if she wants to dj, georgia to ask. equipment, floorspace and food to sort nearer.

– film series – discussed booking some dates at harrisons, mid week evening in early oct, georgia to check availability for free screenings – bound / heathers / foxfire. can sell food / cakes

– nina power talk – agreed something after xmas would be great, discussing women and austerity or women and protest. georgia to enquire further re availability. could be part of a much bigger series of talks!

– beauty pagent gig – possibly oct 25th tbc, charlotte / georgia to confirm

– blog – annual design fee needs renewing £12, cara will sort out

november event:
– organisation to support – discussed contacting the together women project, charlotte to email
– QMH hire – had previously discussed using different times, currently booked 9-5 but may alter. cara will recirculate previous emails to look at again and confirm with QMH
– food – charlotte will confirm with SAF they are happy to do lunch and refreshments. discussed what to do in the evening, could provide cold snacks to sell? could ask the redhouse if they would be interested in providing a small vegan menu? cara will ask jeff
– weekend structure – agreed to stick with just saturday this year, but maybe organise an informal sunday brunch meet up somewhere – tbc where
– budget – to be discussed on the email list / at future meetings
– badges – agreed to get some designs printed asap, cara to send to list to confirm
– bands – all to listen at home, send favourites to email list by friday
– workshops – agreed to write clearer guidelines for workshop leaders, can edit safe spaces to include. need to think about child friendly / practical workshops! sessions to start organising: sexism in the workplace, charlotte solfed. social media and abuse, cara to tweet out and see if anyones interested. diy activism and ladiyfest sheff, us to do opening session and put section on blog. race/sexism/music, cara to ask steph philips. debate on porn/lads mags/page3 tbc who. polyamory, georgia to make enquiries. could have something about taking up physical spaces.

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