Minutes 20/08/13

– charities to support: hannah emailed ugly mugs but has had no reply yet, will chase up. depending on what response we get, will get contacts for irish abortion support ?from marian

– phone whore event: ask on ladiy fb if anyone can help out with accom for cameryn. agreed we would pick a night and arrange to get tickets to go as a group but not decided which show yet. distributed flyers and posters amongst those present at meeting to put around the city to help promote.

– green and black cross: event being held on sept 7th at QMH providing training to be legal observers. will promote via fb etc and plan to attend.

– beauty pagent gig: agreed we were keen to organise something ?weekender or an end of year show or possibly even oct gig. georgia will contact re their availability and take it from there.

– hysterical injury gig: ?oct 18th, discussed using audacious. cara will contact ben h re availability. keen to ask grey lepers to support, charlotte will contact donna once venue/date confirmed.

– walks for women: agreed we would plan a more general walk in september instead rather than joining in with walks for women events, possibly around fox house. date tbc.

– weekender venues: discussed at some length the options re venues and childcare. agreed that we would stick with QMH using just the first floor in november and use the communal area differently to provide a kids activity area. agreed we would need more people with CRBs to help volunteer and wondered about using free standing poster display boards to ‘cordon’ off the area slightly making it a bit more enclosed. also agreed we would schedule workshops that kids could take part in or were child friendly topics. will draft a blog post to explain our decision and reasons via the email list including describing what we can provide and the limitations. agreed we would also check other dates in nov maybe to give us more time and to avoid clashing with an event in newcastle, cara will contact venues.

– workshops: discussed ideas including a suggestion from marian re older LGBT and housing issues and a linked photography project. other ideas were added to the google doc including an introduction to ladiy grassroots feminism and a practical guide to DIY activism, social media and abuse and also body positivity. will repost links to the doc for people to add to and hopefully begin contacting asap once dates confirmed.

next meeting will be sept 5th at blue moon 6pm with a plan to go round the corner to caras afterwards for a listening session of the bands on the shortlist and decide which we want to begin contacting.

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