Minutes 18/09/13

– CN lester – has been in contact with us about arranging a classical ensemble performance as part of a new project they are involved in showcasing female composers. agreed on the list we were keen and discussed at meeting – venue needs good acoustics but no technical equipment. hannah will contact the lantern theatre about availability and charlotte will contact university drama studio, georgia will contact old sharrow junior school. can promote via the music dept and uni societies.

– carol robson – £28 spent on PA/food and drinks for performers. £18 raised for VIDA.

– film series – charlotte has done a poster and printed flyers, fb event and details all sorted. cara to transfer copy of foxfire ready for oct 3rd. agreed to email film unit and societies to promote, georgia will do.

– louise raw – train tickets booked, still awaiting additional costs from louise. cara to pop to coffee rev to check PA situation. need to promote to trade unions and uni societies inc IWW etc. charlotte to compile a list to be split up and contacted. floorspace tbc

– hysterical injury gig – cara is sorting equipment, possibly need bass amp. hannah will chase pud for poster. will sort out floorspace and food nearer the time.

-november event:
— organisation to fundraise for – have emailed together women project but no response, open day on 25/9 we could attend. agreed we were keen to work with ugly mugs but would like money to be spent on projects or materials in sheffield. hannah to contact alex to discuss further. other possibilities could be WICAT, who charlotte will contact. sheena amos, syeda and womens resource centre also mentioned as possibilities.
— venues – QMH confirmed use until 6pm at £366. will think about us sorting some food to take to the redhouse ?cold pizza etc.
— SAF confirmed to do food at QMH
— INVERT confirmed to provide a dj crew for in between and after bands
— bands – need to shortlist by fri 20th to begin contacting!!
— temporary tattoos – charlotte to email emma T re designs agreed we would love ‘queer takes on traditional designs’
— workshops – discussed social abuse session, natalie to contact academic at UCLAN ? other local groups re online bullying. agreed to contact alex young about a men in feminism session, georgia to email.

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