Minutes 16/07/12

minutes from meeting 16th july

– hair workshop. facebook event now set up, details confirmed as saturday 28th july between 3-6 in the cafe at site gallery. this will be a closed off area where we will be holding a discussion and then a zine activity. if anyone cant make the workshop but wants to submit anything they can contact us for an address to send, we just request that the submission is on an a4 piece of paper and clear enough to be photocopied b&w.

– off the shelf. event shortly to be finalised but looking like being a talk from juliet jacques re trans identities and feminism and media. arranged for friday nov 2nd at harland cafe as a free event to kick off our november weekender. more details to follow shortly.

– gigs. recent audacious show raised £94 which they donated to ladiyfest, evening went really well and would hope to do something similar again in the future. redhouse has been in contact about some available dates in august which we could use on a risk free basis (no minimum bar take etc). very keen to arrange something with the two weekend dates, probably byob and maybe a bbq/clothes swap. cara will contact jeff to confirm dates and then we will call out on facebook/blog for anyone who wants to get involved.

– zine fair. leeds is holding an event on nov 4th which clashes with the last bit of our event. chella has portland zinester alex wrekk over and they are interested in working on something with us. chella is keen to organise a zine fair and possibly something tied into the ladiyfest weekender using other rooms at the quaker meeting house. cara will enquire about availability and costs. alex wrekk is also in a band called the copy scams who might work on the saturday music event of the weekend (link)

– bank street arts event. eve to arrange to meet with selina.

– reading group. suggestion from last meeting to work on something with the social centre reading group, charlotte will email becky about this to discuss at their meeting.

– sheffield reclaim the night. email from amy masson about setting something up and whether ladiyfest would be interested. will wait to hear about meetings and see what is happening.

– workers rights workshop. charlotte has been talking to solfed and jen from IWW about setting up a workshop, particularly if jen was to train some of us. this could be part of november event or a standalone workshop, possibly at site and then with a trimmed down version during the november weekender. could put together a leaflet or zine. possibly early october. eve/charlotte/hester to try and put together.

– november event. agree on importance of offering a creche. cara and charlotte both have draft timetables to discuss further at next meeting. cara will check on any availability of extra rooms at quaker meeting house. hazel still keen to run creche, there are a few of us with CRB checks. chella asked about insurance/waivers. agreed we would start asking on blog and facebook about things people would like to see or asking about submissions. list on googledocs with ideas so far. ?create event on facebook for weekend.

next meeting TBA

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