Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years, 6th October, Showroom Cinema!

Monday 6th October, 6.30pm, Showroom Cinema

In collaboration with the Showroom Cinema and the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Gender Research, LaDIYfest Sheffield are very pleased to present Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years 1984 to 1992. A short introduction to the film will be provided by Azeezat Johnson, a Black feminist and PhD student at the University of Sheffield, working with Black British Muslim Women. Please join us in the bar afterwards for a drink and further discussion.

‘Audre Lorde: writer, activist, poet, scholar, mother, warrior, lesbian, black, woman, feminist. Audre Lorde: who always took the risk of naming herself, of asserting her right to exist in a world that made her existence difficult. In this film, Audre Lorde reaches out to each of us; we can hear her voice, follow her in her travels, as she walks down a street, laughs, talks, eats, dances, reads and even sings her poems. To have this footage of Audre Lorde in Berlin, a city she visited many times between 1984 and 1992, is an extraordinary gift’ – Sara Ahmed, 2012.

Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 documents Audre Lorde’s influence on the German political and cultural scene during a decade of profound social change, a decade that brought about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unification of East and West Germany. This chronicles an untold chapter of Lorde’s life: her empowerment of Afro-German women, as she challenged white women to acknowledge the significance of their white privilege and to deal with difference in constructive ways.

Monday 6th October, 6.30pm, Showroom Cinema. Facebook event here. Showroom info here.

All welcome!


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This Year We Will Be Fundraising For..


…We are really excited to announce that this year’s November event (on the 29th, get it in your diary!) will be fundraising for and working with WiCAT (Women in Construction, Arts and Technology). More details will follow shortly, but in the meantime, read a bit about who they are and what they do:

Women in Construction Arts and Technology Ltd, known as WiCAT, is a dynamic organisation run by women for women to promote and support women in non traditional trades.

The project is based at the Women’s Construction Centre in Burngreave, Sheffield.

WiCAT runs introductory courses for women in a whole variety of trades and skills that women don’t usually have access to.  Most classes are run on evenings and weekends to accommodate women with work and family commitments.  Some courses are held for men and women, but all classes are taught by skilled and qualified women who have construction industry experience.

The Centre allows women not only to train in the workshop but, where safety allows, gives them the opportunity to undertake real jobs in the development and maintenance of the Centre.

There is a tool library for women who have done courses to borrow tools.

WiCAT also promotes networking events for women working in the trades and holds quarterly networking events for tradeswomen and those training in non traditional trades to meet and support one another.


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LaDIYfest BIG EVENT 2014

It’s that time of year again, where we take over part of yr weekend for our annual festival and raise some money for a local organization.

So far we can tell you that there will be a day of feminist/LGBTQ workshops at the Quaker Meeting House, where there will also be vegan food for sale, a supervised crèche, a quiet room and stalls with loads of zines and info!

In the evening we will be heading to the Redhouse for lots of bands, DJs and dancing until very late.

LOADS more information will be released very shortly, so keep checking back for updates and announcements!

If anyone wants to get involved in organising or running a workshop or stall or helping out on the day, please let us know!




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Gig: Street Eaters + Jesus and his Judgmental Father + Big Joanie + The Repossessed

We’re super excited to welcome back Street Eaters, supported by a raft of equally amaaazing bands!

We’re hoping the show will be at TAAE HQ but this may change, so keep checking back.. wherever we end up, there will no doubt be vegan snacks and dancing late into the night.

Street Eaters / JAHJF / Big Joanie / The Repossessed

LaDIY: bringing the party since 2011.


Street eaters flyer - Emma


- Lush poster by Emma T!

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Boycott Femifest

Cross-posted from the Brighton Feminist Collective blog.

FemiFest is a radical feminist conference happening next weekend in London. As in previous years (with RadFem 2012 and RadFem 2013), the event has made it clear this it is only open to cis women, stating “we welcome all women who were raised and socialized as girls to join us”. The conference is organised by RadFem UK, a relatively new organisation that takes pride in its radical feminism, a concept perhaps once used for those who believe in an overhaul of society in order to address patriarchy, but which now has been claimed by a brand of feminism that perpetuates hate speech against trans identities, advocates for laws and beliefs that are seriously detrimental to the safety and well-being of sex workers and has a history of racism. This specific group is targeting young feminists, and organising events that give a platform to these views. They are also intimidating the venue for this event with legal challenges in order to be able to host it.

We, as a Collective, categorically do not support FemiFest, or this form of feminism. We wish to make this statement publically as, all too often, these events occur, and these views are expressed, without opposition from the feminist community.

This has to change.

The Brighton Feminist Collective is trans inclusive, sex positive and pro-sex workers’ rights. This event, and RadFem UK as a whole, is far from following this ethos. The announced speakers include Janice Raymond, Germane Greer and Julie Bindel, public figures who are widely known for their violent transphobia and their anti-sex worker beliefs. One or two examples for each speaker should be sufficient to illustrate this: Janice Raymond authored The Transsexual Empire (widely considered to be hate speech) and influenced US law on trans healthcare and actively campaigns against sex work; Germane Greer referred to trans women as ‘rapists’; Julie Bindel considers the medical treatment of trans children to be ‘child abuse’ and is a vocal anti-sex work campaigner.

Rachel Moran is also announced as a speaker – a self-identified survivor of prostitution, she is an advocate for the further stigmatisation of sex work through criminalisation of clients and her support of groups such as Abolish Prostitution Now!. Her experiences, of course, are to be respected and heard, but her commitment to endangering the lives and well-being of sex workers is unacceptable. Femi Otitoju will also be speaking – Co-chair of Women’s Aid, she also ran a session at last year’s RadFem event alongside Sheila Jeffreys and Cathy Brennan, known transphobes who actively seek out the identities of trans women to out them online and in their own communities.

These women are being given a platform for hate speech. Indeed, they are being celebrated for it.

We are pro-sex workers’ rights and anti-shaming, and as such we cannot support a group or an event that calls for the abolition of the sex industry and for legal changes that will further endanger the lives of sex workers. We are trans inclusive, and as such we cannot support a group or an event that is bullying, dismissive and violent towards the trans community. The targeting of trans women and sex workers by these speakers plays a large part in their so-called radical feminism, and it must be challenged.

The Brighton Feminist Collective is made up of individual members and therefore does not adhere to a particular brand of feminism, but we do strongly agree that transphobia, anti-sex worker sentiment and other forms of hateful bigotry have absolutely no place in the feminist movement.

We therefore call on all feminists to boycott and publicly call out the behaviour and views of the speakers at this event, and to address the many wide-ranging issues of the organisation itself. We encourage groups and individuals to co-sign this statement in order to show a united front*, celebrating a feminism that embraces all identities, that centres and magnifies the voices of those most affected by oppression, bigotry and bullying, against a growing movement of hate that bears our name.

*drop a message in our ask box or email if you’d like to add your name to this post.

Signatories: Brighton Feminist Collective

We wholeheartedly agree with this statement and praise the work being done by Brighton Feminist Collective to raise awareness of the dangerous aims of this conference.

Last year LaDIYfest Sheffield fundraised for the charity National Ugly Mugs, which helps to protect sex workers’s safety, and we condemn forms of feminism which are anti-sex worker or transphobic in the strongest possible terms.

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Women Make Noise: A Discussion

Off The Shelf this year will be Off The HOOK!

We’ve been successful in receiving a community grant from the organisers to put on a really amazing event on Thursday 16th October with some really amazing women… Here’s the info:

In association with Off the Shelf Festival, we’re hosting a panel discussion at Coffee Revolution on women’s experiences of music culture: on the stage, behind the decks and around the dance-floor. The speakers will share some of their own thoughts and experiences, then open the discussion to the audience for further input and debate. Get involved!

On our panel will be:

ALANNA McARDLE, who sings in Joanna Gruesome and does all kinds of incredible things in her sadcore solo project, Ides. Alanna was interviewed earlier this year speaking out against misogyny in music and then shredded her online critics into tiny pieces.

STEPHANIE PHILLIPS, writer for The F-Word, blogger at Don’t Dance Her Down Boys, and guitarist with My Therapist Says Hot Damn and black feminist punk band, Big Joanie. Stephanie also co-runs the South London-based riot grrrl club night, Bloody Ice Cream.

SARITA KARIR, house and techno DJ by night and primary school teacher/DJ tutor by day. Sarita is a 39 year-old single mum based in Cleethorpes who you may have spotted behind the decks at Sheffield Techno Institute, Plug and Tramlines Festival since she started DJing five years ago.

Finally, leading the panel will be mega-talented JULIA DOWNES, a musician, academic and activist who has been organising queer feminist music events for over 10 years in Leeds and Newcastle. Julia is also the editor of Women Make Noise: Girl Bands From The Modettes To The Modern, a textual celebration of some of the best women in music.

Panellists will discuss a range of issues, including the representation of women in music history, the particular struggles women musicians/DJs of colour may face, the demise/reincarnation of riot grrrl, press attention to women in bands, and the complexities of the ‘all-girl band’ in relation to insidious sexism, homophobia, classism and racism that circulate in underground and popular music spaces.

Afterwards, we’ll head to Harrison’s bar where the panellists will provide special one-off DJ sets. We hope you’ll be able to join us there for more chat, dancing and hanging out!

Thursday 16th October, 7pm. Free entry to both venues. Everyone welcome. WE CAN’T WAIT.

Facebook event here. More info on Off the Shelf here.

Note: This event was inspired by Julia’s book, Women Make Noise, and will focus primarily on women’s experiences of music culture but we also welcome people attending to share other experiences relating to gender and sexuality in music, especially non-binary and genderqueer perspectives.


300x300julia-up-side-downesSteph  Sarita Karir

(Above L – R: Alanna McArdle; Julia Downes; Stephanie Phillips; Sarita Karir)

OTS colour


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LaDIY Tramlines Picks!

A recent Guardian article highlighted that “47% of women in music earn under £10,000 a year, compared with 35% of men”. While at the NME awards, although Blondie won one of this year’s biggest accolades, “[it] marked only the third time [in 19 years] a woman has been included as a winner of the Godlike Genius  award. A solo female artist has never received it”. If you are a woman off stage “you only have a 15% chance of owning a label  or becoming a manager and in 2010 PRS announced that out of all the writers on their books, a mere 14% were women.” Another article points out that only 17% of bands at Reading/Leeds 2013 featured women, 21% at Bestival and 34% of Glastonbury. This isn’t very encouraging…

'For Whatever Reason'..(Access); Annie Gardiner, 2012 Installation of copies of NME magazine from 1989-2008. Piles of magazines divided by gender of artists depicted on the cover, as follows: Woman - Man - Both - None

‘For Whatever Reason’..(Access); Annie Gardiner, 2012
Installation of copies of NME magazine from 1989-2008. Piles of magazines divided by gender of artists depicted on the cover, as follows:
Woman – Man – Both – None


We’re not keen on binaries but this visual provides a rough idea of how stark the gender gap is.

So, to do our bit to highlight all the talented women, non-binary and LGBTQIA people making awesome music, and with so many acts playing over the weekend in Sheffield as part of Tramlines (as well as fringe events all over the city), we thought we would help with a few suggestions of bands/acts you might like to go see (click the names for youtube videos!) :-

(Thanks to Jo H, Joan P and Nick P and Robbie M for their suggestions!)

Plus our Audacious pals are putting on a great fringe show (five quid in, no ticket required!) on Friday 25th July with Cowtown, The Jelas, Fever Dream and Night Flowers which will be brilliant! (FB event)


Lastly, don’t forget to join us on the Hollaback! Tramlines chalk walk, which starts on Devonshire Green on the afternoon of Sunday 27th July.  If you have any other tips to share, do let us know what’s going on, where and when!

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