Finances 2014

Here are some screenshots of our accounts.. Any queries, send them to the usual address!






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Nov 29th Summary / 2015

Huge apologies for our delay in this blog post but things have been a bit hectic at LaDIY Towers since our hugely successful and awesomely amazing event on Nov 29th..

We can however tell you now that on the day with our events at The Quaker Meeting House and at The RedHouse, we raised a grand total of £1136.70 and will be donating a nice round figure of £1000 to WiCAT who previously told us:

“We are currently trying to raise £1000 required to match the funding for our technician post.  This money will enable us to renew tools and maintain our tool library, which as you can imagine, are in constant use in our classes.  They are now in urgent need of repair and replacement in order for us to continue our work effectively, so any money raised would be gratefully received towards this specific goal.”

The rest of the money raised (£136.70) will be reinvested back into LaDIYfest Sheffield to help us with events and FUN in 2015.

It’s also now the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who has helped this past year with organising and volunteering at events, people who have participated and performed and most importantly those who have attended and supported – you are all AWESOME!!

Looking ahead to 2015, it seems like things might be changing within LaDIY Towers so here is the ever open call out for YOU to come and get involved and make things happen, it is heaps of fun and you get to hang out with rad feminists – We will be meeting in January (date to follow) to discuss what next and it can only work with your ideas!!




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The Deletion of the LaDIYfest Facebook Account

Please help!

Last night we were pretty devastated to find out that the LaDIYfest ‘person’ account had been deleted by Facebook, along with its archive of photos, messages, groups, and previous and future events. The account has been replaced with a ‘community’ page which we’re still not sure how to use yet (any help would be appreciated).

This account has taken us four years to build and, although there’s something embarrassing about mourning the data stored by a capitalist virtual social network, it still feels like a pretty huge loss. At this point we don’t know what led to the deletion of the account, it may have been that we were reported (and the timing does seem to suggest that our involvement in the Ched Evans campaign could have had something to do with this) or it could just be that Facebook was keeping to its promise to delete accounts which aren’t ‘real’ names.

Either way, it’s going to take us a long time to rebuild what we once had. The promotion for our big festival on the 29th November has been seriously damaged because the Facebook event pages were deleted when Facebook de-activated our profile. We’ve since created new events but we’re not able to re-invite people who ‘like’ our community in the way that we could with our Facebook ‘friends’. Please do us a huge favour and help us to share our new event pages (and the info on our blog) and make sure the 29th November is as successful as it can be! Thank you :)

Facebook daytime event:
Facebook evening event:

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Reclaim The Night – Some Thoughts

It is always encouraging to see other feminist events organised in Sheffield, but LaDIYfest feels it is important to be aware of the wider issues and criticisms that are often overlooked – Reclaim The Night marches have a disappointing history of being transphobic through an emphasis on biological identity, unwelcoming to male carers and aggressive towards sex workers through picketing, spitting outside clubs and shouting demeaning chants. While we appreciate that every RTN march has different focuses and inclusion policies, and we’re glad that this year’s Reclaim The Night in Sheffield has responded to some of these issues, we still feel that using the name causes an unfortunate association to histories that cannot and should not be forgotten.

The RTN movement largely perpetuates the outdated and inaccurate myth of stranger danger, that nighttime and public spaces are the biggest risk to women (we note this is not exclusive to women, but also to individuals of many other genders and identities) by skirting around the fact that the majority of gender based violence against women and individuals happens in domestic situations by men and people known to them, and often completely failing to acknowledge how the risks for sex workers are vastly increased. Putting sex workers to the fore is something that has been asked of RTN across the country, year after year, and even when there has been acknowledgment that being aggressive towards sex workers or picketing strip clubs on the marches is a bad tactic, that, and slut-shaming, has still happened and been experienced by LaDIYs attending marches. By ignoring these narratives, and not being direct and clear in taking a stance against them, the movement fails to address any of the more pertinent and intersectional issues facing individuals today.

LaDIYfest will join the march with a call to end all gender based violence and discrimination and to highlight sex worker rights in a ‘red umbrella’ block. We welcome individuals of any gender or identity to join us.

More can read on the following links:

Marches happening:
Reclaim The Night Sheffield, Nov 21st – (FB event)
Reclaim The Night Newcastle, Nov 22nd – (FB event)
‘Carry That Weight’ in MCR, Nov 25th – (FB event)

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is 25th of November.

[NB: The organisers of Reclaim The Night Sheffield have asked us to clarify that “The march is open to women and people who also experience discrimination or oppression based on their gender identity. Also open to male carers, personal assistants and dependents.”]

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How should we respond to Ched Evans?

We, like many others in Sheffield (and beyond), are incredibly angry to hear that convicted rapist and Sheffield United striker, Ched Evans, is due to return to training with immediate effect. Following a request from the Professional Footballers’ Association, Sheffield United have agreed for Ched to return now that he’s served half of his five-year sentence for rape. Although they have not officially/publicly decided whether or not to re-sign Ched Evans, we believe that by allowing him to start training again, Sheffield United are beginning the process to welcome him back to the team. This is NOT ok.

Is there anything we can do to respond to this? Would anyone like to take any action, call a demo, or do something else? We could discuss here, create a FB group to talk or organise a meeting sometime in the next week or two? Let’s do something. Please feedback below.

[Since posting this in a status on our Facebook account, a group has been created to discuss any action further]

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Helping Hands Needed!

With our November 29th event looming, we are starting to plan rotas and figure out what volunteers we need, and this is where YOU come in!

We need extra people to help with shifts:

  • On the door, taking money and giving out programs during the day and in the evening.
  • Helping us clear or set up between workshop sessions and at the start and end of the day while we are in the Quaker Meeting House, and at the Red House.
  • Supervising in the enclosed creche area (current CRB required).
  • Being additional eyes and ears in workshop sessions to uphold our safe spaces policy.

At all times, one of the LaDIY pros will be on hand, and this year we will be planning to hold an informal meeting with any volunteers to meet each other and for us to go over a few things with you ahead of the event.

If you are interested in helping out, drop us a message via the usual routes!

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Nov 29th Info Is Up!

As we get closer to our big festival event, we are starting to put up more details..

There is now a list of workshops we will be hosting, as well as the bands and other information about our quiet room, children’s area, guidelines, tickets and a map of venues!

More information will keep trickling out over the next few weeks :)

Go have a look then!

(FB event – Day)
(FB event – Night)

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